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Vredestein's Vorti Tyre on

by Alex Airways

Vredestein's Vorti Tyre on

From the weeks following its release, the Vredestein Vorti and the Vorti R have been our recommended tyres for customers wanting the best of the best. We dont pay much attention to ‘Industry Reviews’ as the test are usually under controlled conditions and dont generally reflect ‘real world’ road surface conditions, we prefer unbiased, real world based end user feedback. We get amazing customer feedback regarding these tyres, from customers with GTR’s, R8’s, 911’s, Modified cars and beyond who demand the best.

Anyone on the fence as to whether the Vorti is the tyre for you, pop on over to the below link and take a look at the customer reviews. ( ) Ill even throw in a GTR owners review on the GTROwners Forum ( )

However, if the Vorti doesnt sway you, have a look at some other HIGH PERFORMANCE tyres on the website, VREDESTEIN SATIN, AVON ZZ5, COOPER CS-SPORT, MICHELIN PILOT, BRIDGESTONE POTENZA, ETC and if any take your fancy and you would like a quote, fill out the form on our quote page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternativly, give us a ring on 01603429643

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