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The dangers of Part Worn Tyres

by Alex Airways

The dangers of Part Worn Tyres

Part worns are a means to an end. Sad to say, Part Worn Tyres can be seen as a necessary evil. For cash strapped individuals or extremely low usage drivers that simply can not justify the expence of a new tyre, the Part Worn market is a viable option. But sometimes, the difference in a common size Part Worn and a new Budget Tyre is £5.00.

Is it worth the risk?

Check out and decide for yourself.

Our comments We dont supply part worns for ONE reason:

1 - Tyres are the ONLY thing between the car and the road! We have seen some of the examples of "nearly new part worns" and "decent part worns" and frankly, its frighting to think what we see is just a small fraction of what could be out there.

Here is an example, actually its the tyre that made us write this post. The customer came to us to reset his Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and give a second opinion on his tyres as the MOT was due. As we inspected the tyres we noticed one tyre’s inside wall had a distinct discolour mark around the whole of the wall. The rest of the tyre looked and measured okay. All four at the correct pressure. In our view, the mark in question is a possible indication of a tyre getting too hot due to deflation, which can cause failure or damage, to be on the safe side we thought it would be a good idea to investigate. The customer was suprised at this request as earlier in the morning he had the tyre on the side in question replaced because the tyre was worn out and advised on a PRE-MOT, he replaced it with a PART WORN only hours before coming here. The only reason he was here was because the PART WORN COMPANY could not reset the TPMS and the customer wanted a second opinion on his tyres before the MOT.

We offered to do the check on the suspect tyre for FREE, he said okay. LUCKY FOR HIM HE DID.

After we removed the tyre we found this!!! Part worn

The tyre had been previously ran under inflated and the inside of the wall had been severly damaged.

Not saying ALL part worns are dangerous, we have seen some brilliant and ‘safe’ examples but they must have been removed for a reason and concidering how much a new set of tyres are, why would someone have the expence of changing them if there isnt a problem? I guess in some cases you might be lucky and they are from a ‘write off’ motor with a set of low milage tyres or someone has sold on there alloys and removedthe good tyresfor sale, but how can you be sure? Simple answer to that is, in most cases, you cant.

But you may be lucky.

Simply put, wont accept part worns into stock, even if the supplier to us guarentees the tyre is safe, we dont want the responsibility of being the supplier to our customer if it isnt.

Disclaimer: We cant say we wont or dont fit customer supplied part worns, its a money saving incentive and we do want to help you save money, but we will fit your "part worns" under certain conditions mainly being the tyre is road worthy and we fit only to our standards:

1: Customers with Track Day Tyres/Competition Tyres swaps, Winter Tyres to Summer Tyre swaps or visa versa, but only if the tyres have been ‘previously purchased new and kept’ by the customer in question.

2: Customers supply only part worns with a history of use.

3: Customers will allow for us to inspect the tyre and alloys for defects or age related defects prior and after fitting.
3a - Any doubts in our minds before the fitting, we will REFUSE to fit under any conditions.
3b - Any issues apparant after fitting we have the right to REFUSE to complete the fitting under any condtions.
3c - Any issues with the alloys that prevent safe fitting of the tyre must be rectified before fitting tyres or we will REFUSE to complete the fitting under any conditions. EG- Cracks, flat spots that prevent sealing, sealing surface corrosion or imperfections (we can rectify sealing surface corrosion or imperfections on site, cracks and flat spotscan be sent for specialist repair)

  • 4: We take ZERO responsibily in the event of tyre failure under any circumstances.

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