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Cracked alloy? Hope is not lost.

by Alex Airways

Cracked alloy? Hope is not lost.

Cracked alloys… Sadly they are getting more and more common and with the use of extremely low profile tyres and the increase in pot holes, who cannot understand why?.

In days of old, Runflat designed alloys used to be the main culprit. Now it seems that any alloy has an equal chance of meeting with this problem. Is it design flaws, alloy flaws or both?

Scenario: You go in to a tyre dealer with a leak, expecting a quick and easy fix be it a punture repair or a rim seal, only to find the alloy has a fracture on the sealing surface?

Crack 1Crack 2

Years ago it was considered GAME OVER, a new expensive alloy as repairs where costly and also, not very good. Recent years, rim repairs are commonly available as the repairs are stronger, cost effective but with a lengthy turn around. Not a problem, put the spare on and come back when its ready, but wait, most cars now a days have no spare……. you cant drive the car on 3 wheels. So now you are down a car! Its a scenario we came across more and more.

However, we have the solution, well not us, but SW ALLOYS based in Norwich. Not only does SW ALLOYS offer possibly one of the best type of repairs we know to alloys, Strong, durable and best of all, cheap, they can (if available and time allowing) offer a SAME DAY turn around. If not, still one of the quickest turn arounds we have come across. No waiting for a whole day or two. They have helped us and our customers get out of that dreaded situation more than once and every single time we have been extremely happy with the service.

See the result for your selfCrack Repair

Not only do SW ALLOYS repair rims, they also refurbish wheels to a ridiculously high standard and can remove flat spots. From seeing the results for ourselves, and how cheap they are compared to other refurbishers we have seen expamples of work from, we highly recommened SW ALLOYS for all your alloy smart repair or refurbishment needs.

Link to SW ALLOYS, take a look. ( "SW ALLOYS")

All the images in this post are taken from the same alloy, on the same day.

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