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Are you ready for winter?

by Alex Airways

So winter is nearly here, colder weather is setting in.

Most importantly, check your Tyre tread depth: we advise the minimum tread depth in winter to be no less than 3mm.

Pressures: stick to your recommended pressures given by the vehicle manufacturer OR TYRE SPECIALIST. Dont be fooled into lowering you pressures too much (for added flexability) yes it will help at slow speed, but too low will cause high speed and cornering instabilty and possible tyre damage which isnt good.

Add weight if it snows: Adding extra weight to your vehicle will aid in the tyres grip in snowy conditions. Although not the best solution to fighting the snow and poor conditons, it can be effective, especially for Rear Wheel Drive motors.

One of the questions we get asked on a rather regular basis this time of year is "Do winter tyres actually make THAT much of a difference in the Snow, considering we dont get alot of snow in Norwich". Our answer is Yes.

Dont think about the SNOW, think about the conditions. Winter tyres are made up of a difference rubber compound containing a much higher silica content, it has a tread pattern designed to maximize flexibility in low temperatures, aids in giving better traction and impoved braking effieciency in snow, wet and on ice. The tyre is designed for WINTER conditons, Summer tyres will lose the perfomance due to the rubber compound getting hard and the flexability lose. We advise against using them all year round as they are designed to work effectivly under 7 Degrees. Use above this although safe, is not optimum. Summer tyres are best used above 7 Degrees. So YES, the do make a difference, but as we recommend the use of TWO sets of tyres over a year period, they may not be the best or the more cost effective option for the end user.

So, what can we offer if you want a ‘fit and forget’ winter driving solution?

All Season Tyres

All Season Tyres also have a high silica based compound to cater for low temperature conditons, the tread is a mix of summer tyre and winter. However, as they are basically a hybrid of winter and summer, an All Season is a good compromise between all out summer and all out winter tyres. A tyre to keep you driving confidently all year round. Is it worth it? Obviously a specialist winter tyre will out perform an Summer and All Season tyre in the winter, whilst a specialist summer tyre will out perform a Winter and All season tyre in the Summer. But for a happy medium between the two and if having TWO sets of wheels isnt an option. An All Season Tyre is definatly a viable option.

Interested in a set of tyres? Winter, All Season or Summer. WE KEEP A WIDE RANGE OF ALL TYPES IN STOCK. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE on 01603429643 or use our Quote request on the above TAB for additional methods of getting a quote.

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